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February 13, 2012

Seattle’s Own Heavy Hitters: Serial Hawk

I’ve been skating by lately, doing the bare minimum, a post here, a post there. I have essentially been avoiding the inevitable. I have been fighting myself to come home after a 13 hour day at my “job” and write this article. Not because I don’t feel motivated by the music, not because I have no passion for it. Yet I cannot procrastinate any longer. I need to share with you, Serial Hawk. Hot damn, my fingers are tingling, my mind is racing and I feel a bit funny in my stomach. What was I waiting for?

Serial Hawk is a Seattle three-piece, loud as fuck, stoner metal band, with Will on guitar, Adam on bass and Justin on drums — a simple formula creates exponential results in an expedition up a mountainous terrain of big stacks, amps clipping, tubes and transistors overheating, big riffs and punishing volumes!

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, but what I hear digitally is what keeps me interested and satisfied. I got a hold of Will awhile ago, after my HWOIG interview and wanted an interview with another great Seattle band that I had liked for awhile now. Will agreed and I treated it like a one night stand … all the satisfaction of scoring but never calling back.

Shame on me. So I’m back and here to score again with another great Seattle band and see what makes them tick.

Who and what is Serial Hawk?

Will: We’re a band from Seattle that plays loud. I’m Will (guitar/vocals), over there is Adam (bass) and in the kitchen is Justin (drums). As a band we’ve always been a pretty straight-forward group of dudes that loves to play heavy music inspired by countless bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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