Your hearingade experience is made complete by some of the most engaging writers on the Internet that you may or may not have heard of. But if you haven’t heard of them, now you will have! Handpicked by yours truly, this is a collection of the chiefest music tastemakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Here’s a rundown:

Amber Valentine
The girl, the legend, blogger extraordinaire and abbytron’s virtual bestie, this future Mrs. Will Sheff will knock your socks off with her musical insights and personal tales of depravity.

I’ll always remember what she texted to me once: “M’ I’m than the ktldesr beibg the the pudkest oldne tibg.” We should all live our lives by those words every day.

Learn more about Amber from her personal mix!


Amie Simon
This lovely lady has a soft spot for scary cinema (particularly the bloody kind) and is a sucker for a catchy tune. A copywriter by day, Amie is also known for her work over at Three Imaginary Girls.

I almost met Amie once in person at a Go-Go’s concert, but I would have had to wade through a lot of children and picnic dinners to get to her. It was at a zoo.

Learn more about Amie from her personal mix!


Brent Stecker
In his role as hearingade contributor, Brent also takes the title of Resident Beard. However, his magnificent face-koozie comes second to his enviable wordsmithery, which can also be found over at Seattle music blog Guerrilla Candy.

There are a lot of things I could say about Brent, not least of which is it’s easy to spot him at a crowded concert because a) he’s tall and b) he’s probably dancing like a maniac.

Learn more about Brent from his personal mix!


Jefferson Robbins
Most know-it-alls don’t really know it all, but Jefferson is the exception. No matter what you’re talking about, he’s always got something to say, and says it better than you. It’s pretty impressive.

A reporter by trade, Jefferson casually keeps up his own personal blog with his unique observations about pop culture. As my professional mentor, he’s also largely responsible for the person I am today, so if you don’t like something I’ve written, blame him for it.

Learn more about Jefferson from his personal mix!


Kenny Darling
For the sake of full disclosure, Kenny is one of my oldest friends and favorite people. We go way back. In fact, he can take some of the credit for Led Zeppelin being my favorite band because before I’d heard any of their records, I heard him playing “Stairway to Heaven” on a guitar outside a teen center.

In addition to being an avid music lover, Kenny is also a part of the Seattle music scene. He left the now-defunct Post Harbor in 2011 and is now a member of Daniel G. Harmann & the Trouble Starts. He’s also very funny and charming, but that’s neither here nor there.


Leah Brzezinski
You may have seen some of Leah’s music writing over at Seattle music blog Nada Mucho or even heard her performing with Seattle folk band Blackheart Honeymoon. She’s a fun, free spirit with a keen ear for what’s good.

Now back in her hometown Chicago, Leah’s becoming reacquainted with the Windy City’s music scene and looking forward to catching a few good shows.


Scott Hofheins
Google “Robots Made Man” and you’ll see Scott’s supreme Web presence. He’s not a celebrity, but this tatted-to-the-core gentleman has plenty to offer.

Scott knows a good song when he hears it, which makes him an asset here. However, I’ll still always think of him most fondly as the guy who makes the best damn Long Island Iced Tea that $45 can buy.

Learn more about Scott from his personal mix!


Stacey Johnson
Through the wonders of the Internet, I found Stacey via Amber Valentine (see above) on the Twitter, where the two Midwest ladies exchange, among other things, talk of Angel, Buffy and music.

Stacey shares my dream of being a radio DJ and a love of classic rock music. She’s here to represent Cincinnati, among other things. Keep up with her musings, interests and shenanigans at her Tumblr when she isn’t here talking about tunes.


Walter Chaw
You may know Walter for his work at Film Freak Central, where he lovingly coined the term “Transformers: Asshole.” This guy embodies the concept of the pen being mightier than the sword.

I can also attest to his great taste in music, so if he says he loves something here at hearingade, you darn well better listen to it if you know what’s good for you.


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