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December 29, 2012

Amie’s Favorite Musical Things This Year

Hey! Year-end lists usually fill me with dread (how can I pick my favorites?!?! What if I leave something awesome out? AUUUGHHHG). But for whatever reason, this year it was easy to figure out.

So, I give you: the Top 5 musical things I was most exited about in 2012.

1) Aimee Mann’s “Labrador” video:

In addition to being a kick-ass song from one of my favorite songstresses, Mann made the “Labrador” video an almost shot-for-shot remake of “Voices Carry,” her mega-’80s hit with band ‘Til Tuesday. I love everything about Aimee Mann, and always have, but I especially loved this — including the faux “making of” intro with Jon Hamm as a ridiculous music video director.

Watch a side-by-side comparison here, and pick up a copy of her 2012 release, Charmer— because the whole album’s really awesome.

2) The Sexy Accident: Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader

Listen up: Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader

I discovered The Sexy Accident completely by, well, accident (zing!). And it’s because Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader is the BEST ALBUM NAME EVER, and also a really endearing song featuring band member Jesse Kate’s 5-year-old son.

The rest of the album is poppy and fun and I really dug it, plus — you can name your price for the download and they’ll donate all proceeds from the sale to Operation Breakthrough, which makes it extra rad.

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July 26, 2012

Video Raid: Keyboard Kid, ‘BasedExocism’ – A Twin Peaks Tribute

I don’t know enough about electronica to tell you if this song is good or not, and I’d be lying if I said that the visual accompaniment didn’t enhance my enjoyment of it, but OHHOLYGODTHISVIDEOISFANTASTIC.

As a Twin Peaks fan, I think the video is simply brilliant. And as a horror fan, you know I love seeing that syrupy red blood appear near the end. Lovely, and danceable! Anyone un-Twin-Peaks-mystified care to tell me what their opinion of Keyboard Kid‘s tune? He’s in Seattle, and he’s a Peaks fan, so I’m already kind of crushing.

July 5, 2012

Video Raid: Daydream Vacation, ‘Feeling that I’m Floating’

I’ve been looking forward to the collaboration between Dave Einmo of Head Like a Kite and Asya Smoosh for a long time, as I’ve adored both of them (and their bands) since I discovered them several years ago, when Asya was just a wee girl rocking out some pretty impressive jams with her sister, Chloe. And, thankfully, I’m really happy with the results. The video for “Feeling that I’m Floating” above is pretty silly, but I’m down with that. Einmo has become known for his fun stage antics and costume changes, so I’m glad to see that reflected in the video too.

Daydream Vacation is definitely a lot more pop-dance-y and electronic-y than I expected, which is refreshing to hear — since most CDs I get tend to either land in the Fleet Foxes sound camp, or claim they sound exactly like Death Cab for Cutie. I’m working my way through their first full-length album now, Dare Seize the Fire (released on 6/19), and I’m liking what I hear so far.

As I’m dancing along in my chair (I think I’ve hit play at least 5x), I’m thinking that this single would be right at home on a “Summer Jams 2012” mix — right?

June 29, 2012

Have you Heard? New Tunes I’m Digging This Week

Our dear Abby is SO great at sending new stuff our way that I feel like a jerk for waiting this long to actually write about anything that’s ended up in my inbox. There’s no shortage of great music out there (yay!), but it takes time to wade through it all to find stuff that I like, and uh. Well, time is something we are ALL short on, for sure.

Anyway! I finally got off my ass (not literally. I’m actually on it, on a chair, right now, so I can write this) and dug through the links to find a few things that are making me happy right now.

“Sleeping Alone” by The Great American Novel
This is pretty great! I love the way it starts out all retro-du-woppy and then busts into some bouncy sing-along goodness (complete with bells!). Definitely a band I’ll start paying attention to, starting with this full-length album, Kissing. This single is a good starting point, or you can listen to the whole album on bandcamp.

“Barrels in Georgia” by Crash the Satellites
This band is kinda calling to me with some power-pop beats that still somehow verge on indie-rock. Man, that sounds like a lot of bullshit, doesn’t it? I clearly don’t know how to write about music, at ALL. But, hey. I like this. Check out the single for “Barrels in Georgia” and tell me how wrong I am. Then listen to the rest of their self-titled album and see if you like it too.

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June 4, 2012

Entranced by Melody Gardot: ‘The Absence’

If you sit under a tree long enough, either somebody finds you, or you find yourself.

Here’s the thing, I’m not big on Jazz — and yes, before you ask, I have listened to “good jazz,” and I’m still. not. big. on it. But Melody Gardot? She does the kind of jazz that I AM big on. Mostly that’s due to her lovely, throaty vocals, and the fact that all her songs make me want to watch old movies and drink cocktails all day. Plus, she sings a lot in French, which is a sure way to steal my heart.

Maybe it makes me an old lady, but I love pouring myself a drink and lounging around to some Gardot, pretending I’m a bored ’50s housewife who lives on the French Riviera … or something. Anyway!

Both My One and Only Thrill and Worrisome Heart are full of pretty love songs and swaying, pleasing melodies — so I was pretty psyched when I saw the announcement for her new album, The Absence. As Ms. Gardot explains in the video above, she stopped touring to travel and immerse herself in writing for the new album.

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June 1, 2012

Shake Your Rump: The One Woman Dance Party Mix

Sometimes I vogue in public too.

One of the best things about working from home is that I can give into my dancing whims at any time. The dog is the only one around here to give me disapproving looks (and make no mistake, she TOTALLY does), so I’m comfortable with cranking up a song super-loud and shimmying around the office with wild abandon.

Never tried it? I guarantee you it will improve your day. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a playlist of 16 songs that will help you get movin’.

 One Woman Dance Party Mix

A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley
This song always makes me feel better. Always. I haven’t quite perfected the Elvis hip-swing, but I’m getting there.

Second Chance – Peter Bjorn & John
This one’s particularly good for sliding across wood floors in your socks.

Dancing On My Bed – The Pleasure Kills
Bounce, bounce, bounce!

I Will Love You – Summer Twins
My favorite new discovery! These girls are the cutest, and they make the danciest music! I love them.

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