About the author

Hi! I’m Abby Holmes or, as I’m known on the Internet, abbytron.

You may remember me from such blogs as Radio Free Chicago, Give It a Spin, Another Festive Compromise and Indie College.

This is my first very own WordPress blog, so bear with me as I get it going. I hope to use this space (in addition to all the other places I write) to write about music, including news, reviews and making sweet mixes for y’all.

I keep up with new music in all of my favorite places: Facebook, Twitter, Daytrotter and Bandcamp, not to mention all the other places it happens to appear. Music is pretty much the thing I think about most of the time.

I’m about to have a lot of time on my hands, so hopefully that time will be an opportunity for me to focus more on said obsession. My goal, or “mission statement,” is to do my part in making sure the whole world can know about the amazing music they may be missing out on. Simple as that. I just want you to know it. I want you hear it. I want you to love it.

This is why I’ve named the blog “hearingade.” Because fortunately, life didn’t give me those figurative lemons. It gave me ears. And with those ears, I am able to experience one of the most amazing things in the world. This is hearingade, where you can drink up all the musical wonders available to you.

I sure hope you’re thirsty, because there’s plenty to go around.

– abbytron, Sept. 10, 2011


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