Les RAV needs your help to fight sickness with music

Like most people in the world, I’m a sucker for a pretty gal. Put that pretty gal in front of a piano and have her play some minor chords and I’m even more smitten so naturally, Les RAV is right up my alley.

While the Austin band only has one track up on Bandcamp currently, that one song was enough to pique my interest in the group. Looking into who Les RAV is and what they’re about made me even more anxious to hear more from the group, fronted by rainbow pixie Lauren Bruno.

Part DIY gypsy folk, part creepy chamber pop, Les RAV sort of sounds like Joanna Newsom fronting Beirut and currently the band has taken to crowdsourcing to help fund their debut. While I’m normally not a fan of crowdsourcing to fund artistic endeavors, I couldn’t help but be touched by the band’s story. In Bruno’s words:

“I’ve been suffering from a painful stomach disease called Ulcerative Colitis since I was 11 yrs old. Between being in and out of the hospital, having my income go toward medical bills and having to quit my job to get well, it has made it near impossible for this album to come to fruition.  I’ve received so much support from the local community and fans around the world and that has given me the hope and strength that together we can make this album happen.”

Sounds like a worthy cause if ever I’ve heard one.

Currently, Bruno is in the hospital and I can’t think of a better “get well soon” gift than to see the earnings of Les RAV’s Indiegogo rise, so SIGNAL BOOST! Donate a few bucks, won’t you? Then you can hear more tunes like this…


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