Father John Misty Appreciation Post.

Let’s talk for a second about Fleet Foxes. You know the band. We all do. They’re a mild mannered group of folk superheroes who wear beanies and have beards. A fair few years back, I got the chance to see the Seattle-ites at Lollapalooza and while I was impressed, I never would have expected that the man stowed behind their drum kit had moves like this…

After years of doing double duty as both a Fleet Fox and the super serious mountain man J. Tillman, one can only assume that Tillman finally reached a sense of nirvana or ego death, fueled by massive drug use, and emerged from the desert in a Peyote-drenched glow, flanked by shirtless witch women, shaking a tambourine, and possibly riding a winged cougar. Thus, Father John Misty was born.

Sure, the music is pretty fantastic…

…but let’s face it. This man has the most gif-able dance moves of all time.

I’ve seen literally hundreds of concerts in my day and I can say without a doubt that Papa John here is the most enrapturing frontman, possibly of all time. He’s like a white James Brown only with better fashion — just check out the sweet sweatshirt he’s rockin’ on KEXP as he shakes dat tambourine like it’s a baby that won’t stop crying.

Personally, I like to show my adoration for Tillman’s alter ego by indulging in my new favorite past time — drinking beer, putting on live vids of him on late night TV and busting out my best Father J. dance moves. Not to brag, but I think I’m getting pretty good.

Speaking of fashion, would ya’ look at that suit. Oh jeez!

To quote YouTube user Mark Haney, “this guy has to be one of the coolest gangsters on the planet… Not to mention he slays that pussy 24/7.”


Oh don’t worry, Johnny T. They are.


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