August Mix: And We Glowed In The Moonlight

In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of the moon. It’s just up there in the sky, being all big and fascinating, and at night it’s lit up like a giant bulb. Many a short story I’ve written has begun with some mention of the moon or the night sky in general (if you think I love the moon, just wait until the day I tell you how much I love stars!). So it’s no wonder that this month I’m rolling out a mix about that celestial body looming out in space, because August 2012 has two (count ’em: 2!) full moons. August 1 brought us the Full Sturgeon Moon, and look up in the sky the evening of August 31 to see the first Blue Moon since March 2010.

Of course, we all know I love to celebrate anything with a sweet mix. And BOY do I have a lot of moon songs. So I selected the ones I thought most appropriate for this particular month of moons. Hope you all have a wonderful Blue Moon!

Download:August Mix: And We Glowed In The Moonlight

Tracy Bonham – In the Moonlight
Drums – Me and the Moon
Summer Camp – Round the Moon
Traveling Wilburys – New Blue Moon
OK Go – Shooting the Moon
The Raveonettes – Summer Moon
Social Stereo – Moon Behind the Hill
The Builders and the Butchers – Moon Is On the March
White Buffalo – The Moon
Canary – Full Moon
Robert Plant – Moonlight in Samosa
Dawes – Moon in the Water
Harry Nilsson – The Moonbeam Song
Big Star – Blue Moon
Electric Light Orchestra – Ticket to the Moon


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