Video Raid: Jacco Gardner, ‘Where Will You Go’

If you are basically anybody, you probably have not heard anything by Netherlander Jacco Gardner. Mostly because he has not done much, but the little he’s done has captured my complete attention. The video above is one of a few he’s posted this year to promote his pair of singles and B-sides. While much modern popular music purports some kind of vintage quality, Gardner’s music literally sounds like it was made in the ’60s, his videos look like they were filmed in the ’60s (and in fact the video for “Where Will You Go” uses footage from Frank Capra’s 1956 film “Our Mr. Sun”) and, heck, Gardner himself looks like he stepped out of the ’60s.

Download his tunes at Bandcamp or grab his latest single, with “Where Will You Go” and “Summer’s Game,” on 7″ vinyl at Trouble In Mind Records. If you’re anything like me, you’re just stunned (STUNNED) right now by how stupid good these songs are.


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