Bandcamp Pick of the Week: Kid and the Wolf, ‘Lights // Fire’

Discovering Rhode Island band Kid and the Wolf‘s debut EP, Lights // Fire, was one of those pleasant “I can’t believe this music is free!” moments. Sure, there is tons of good, free music on Bandcamp that you’d probably be willing to drop some coin for if necessary, but then there is the good, free music on Bandcamp that, when you hear it, you completely expect to have to pay money.

So slick, so well-produced. Clearly these guys put some work into these recordings, and yet here they are just letting listeners name their price to download them. This is where the benefits of discovering a practically unknown artist come to fruition. Of course they’re going to give away their music, because hardly anybody even knows who they are! Your prize, for being an early fan, is free music while they’re still building exposure.

Billing themselves as groove-rock, the band makes tunes reminiscent of what partially made mid- to late ’90s alternative rock radio what it was. It’s rock with just a hint of jazz to funk it up, and if you were a teen in the ’90s (and even a bit of the early ’00s) you may especially appreciate cuts such as “Cat Calls” and “Violence and Melody.” Or if you crave something a little more ’80s, you’ll probably dig much of closing track, “We All Live and Die.” If you’re like me, you’ll most prefer the timeless danceability of title track “Lights // Fire.” It’s a little album full of great moments, and this is a perfect time to get in on the action.


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