July Mix: Taking It To The Mat

At the start of 2012, I began attending yoga classes at my local YMCA. All these months later, and I still spend more energy making sure all my body parts are in the right place than anything, but it’s become something I really look forward to every week. One thing my yoga buddy and I always find rather distracting, though, is the music. She likens one of the songs to the Titanic theme, and that’s not a totally off-base assessment.

So, I thought, you know? I actually might be able to put together a pretty solid mix for this very thing. There are only a couple of basic restrictions that yoga music should adhere to: It should be something you can chill out to; and it should not have any discernible lyrics to cause you to break your focus.

My friend who attends the classes with me mentioned her former instructor at another location would play classical music. It definitely seems appropriate, but to maintain the flow of my own mix, I had to omit any classical selections I’d considered using. Besides, this collection of mostly electronic tunes I’ve put together really hits my chill-out sweet spot. It’s just about an hour long, so a great length for a decent yoga session, and rises and falls with the typical program. Give it a try the next time you roll out your mat!

Taking It To The Mat: Let’s Get Ready To Yoga!

A Seated Night – Moby

Light Flares – Thievery Corporation

Sanctuary – MiMOSA

Forsaken Cowboy – Röyksopp

Instrumental – Emily Wells

Flacana 16 – Melodium

No Motion – Emergency

Hamburg Hotel – Underworld

If It Really Is Me – Polygon Window

Voices – Nosaj Thing

The Music Box Portal – Moon Mirror

Solar Eclipse – Stellardrone

Midnight Souls Still Remain – M83


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