Video Raid: Daydream Vacation, ‘Feeling that I’m Floating’

I’ve been looking forward to the collaboration between Dave Einmo of Head Like a Kite and Asya Smoosh for a long time, as I’ve adored both of them (and their bands) since I discovered them several years ago, when Asya was just a wee girl rocking out some pretty impressive jams with her sister, Chloe. And, thankfully, I’m really happy with the results. The video for “Feeling that I’m Floating” above is pretty silly, but I’m down with that. Einmo has become known for his fun stage antics and costume changes, so I’m glad to see that reflected in the video too.

Daydream Vacation is definitely a lot more pop-dance-y and electronic-y than I expected, which is refreshing to hear — since most CDs I get tend to either land in the Fleet Foxes sound camp, or claim they sound exactly like Death Cab for Cutie. I’m working my way through their first full-length album now, Dare Seize the Fire (released on 6/19), and I’m liking what I hear so far.

As I’m dancing along in my chair (I think I’ve hit play at least 5x), I’m thinking that this single would be right at home on a “Summer Jams 2012” mix — right?


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