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July 30, 2012

One half of Portland’s The Woodlands launches new album campaign

Back in the early days of Bandcamp discoveries, I happened upon this Oregon husband-and-wife duo called The Woodlands, who made the kind of music I could fall in love to. Their self-titled debut album warmed my heart with a lingering glow that shines still today.

This is why I am so excited to announce that the husband in the Woodlands’ equation, Samuel Robertson, is now ready to release his own project into the wild. Of course, production costs money, so he could use a little help. And, just to give you an idea of what you’d be paying for, he’s offering the first song from his Quiet Arrows debut for free download in advance!

If you like what you hear, head on over to the Quiet Arrows Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and donor rewards. The campaign is open until Aug. 18.

Quiet Arrows Kickstarter page:
Quiet Arrows Bandcamp page:

July 26, 2012

Video Raid: Keyboard Kid, ‘BasedExocism’ – A Twin Peaks Tribute

I don’t know enough about electronica to tell you if this song is good or not, and I’d be lying if I said that the visual accompaniment didn’t enhance my enjoyment of it, but OHHOLYGODTHISVIDEOISFANTASTIC.

As a Twin Peaks fan, I think the video is simply brilliant. And as a horror fan, you know I love seeing that syrupy red blood appear near the end. Lovely, and danceable! Anyone un-Twin-Peaks-mystified care to tell me what their opinion of Keyboard Kid‘s tune? He’s in Seattle, and he’s a Peaks fan, so I’m already kind of crushing.

July 24, 2012

Bandcamp Pick of the Week: Dinosaurus Rex, ‘Pop Information’

Dinosaurus Rex is easily one of my favorite Bandcamp discoveries of the year. Dan Bombard’s funky chillwave 2012 release, Pop Information, is a nearly flawless collection of beats and samples that make me simultaneously wanna get up and get down (you feel me?). In fact, all his albums — which can be downloaded for the price of your choosing — should be held up as the  standard for the genre. They meld the juicy sounds of the 1970s-’80s with a modern glo-fi veneer, into something basically anybody can groove to in the right setting. For me, that setting is just about everywhere I go, all summer long. Find out what it is for you.

July 9, 2012

New From Cincinnati: Getting Ready for Bunbury

Greetings Hearingade readers! It’s a pleasure to meet you; my name is Stacey and I will be your tour guide through the musical happenings in the Cincinnati area and beyond.

If you really want to be clichéd about it, I guess you could say that I am a long-time reader, first-time writer for this blog. I even feature in the background of some of Amber’s pieces, like the lame kid in the school play who gets cast as the tree; such as the New Year’s Ultraparty, which was every bit the drunken and exciting delight she described.

I’m here today to tell you a bit about Cincinnati’s upcoming Bunbury Music Festival, the latest in the exciting musical activity happening in the Queen City. The three-day festival, taking place July 13-15, is brought to you by Bill Dondabedian, co-founder of Midpoint Music Festival and former event manager for Fountain Square, and if you’ve ever been to MPMF or hit up the Square during one of their multiple summer concert options in recent years, you know this festival has some serious promise.

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July 6, 2012

July Mix: Taking It To The Mat

At the start of 2012, I began attending yoga classes at my local YMCA. All these months later, and I still spend more energy making sure all my body parts are in the right place than anything, but it’s become something I really look forward to every week. One thing my yoga buddy and I always find rather distracting, though, is the music. She likens one of the songs to the Titanic theme, and that’s not a totally off-base assessment.

So, I thought, you know? I actually might be able to put together a pretty solid mix for this very thing. There are only a couple of basic restrictions that yoga music should adhere to: It should be something you can chill out to; and it should not have any discernible lyrics to cause you to break your focus.

My friend who attends the classes with me mentioned her former instructor at another location would play classical music. It definitely seems appropriate, but to maintain the flow of my own mix, I had to omit any classical selections I’d considered using. Besides, this collection of mostly electronic tunes I’ve put together really hits my chill-out sweet spot. It’s just about an hour long, so a great length for a decent yoga session, and rises and falls with the typical program. Give it a try the next time you roll out your mat!

Taking It To The Mat: Let’s Get Ready To Yoga!

A Seated Night – Moby

Light Flares – Thievery Corporation

Sanctuary – MiMOSA

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July 5, 2012

Video Raid: Daydream Vacation, ‘Feeling that I’m Floating’

I’ve been looking forward to the collaboration between Dave Einmo of Head Like a Kite and Asya Smoosh for a long time, as I’ve adored both of them (and their bands) since I discovered them several years ago, when Asya was just a wee girl rocking out some pretty impressive jams with her sister, Chloe. And, thankfully, I’m really happy with the results. The video for “Feeling that I’m Floating” above is pretty silly, but I’m down with that. Einmo has become known for his fun stage antics and costume changes, so I’m glad to see that reflected in the video too.

Daydream Vacation is definitely a lot more pop-dance-y and electronic-y than I expected, which is refreshing to hear — since most CDs I get tend to either land in the Fleet Foxes sound camp, or claim they sound exactly like Death Cab for Cutie. I’m working my way through their first full-length album now, Dare Seize the Fire (released on 6/19), and I’m liking what I hear so far.

As I’m dancing along in my chair (I think I’ve hit play at least 5x), I’m thinking that this single would be right at home on a “Summer Jams 2012” mix — right?