Bandcamp Pick of the Week: Cruiser, ‘Cruiser EP’

Well, everyone, it’s officially summer. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever this season hits, I start seeking out some new summer jams — something to soundtrack my imaginary drives along the California coast (while I literally drive past the wastewater plant on my way to Fred Meyer). And heck if some guy from Philadelphia doesn’t totally deliver (guess I’m not the only one doing some “California Dreamin’,” am I right?!)

Andy States is Cruiser, and his self-titled EP will certainly inspire a person to go cruising on a hot, sunny day with the windows down to a more beach-centric destination. The sentimental doo-wop rhythm of “Souvenir” turns my desk chair into a hammock swaying between palm trees, my carpet a sandy shore. “Don’t Go Alone’s” surf-rock vibe may as well just be a boogie board propped up against my wall, beckoning me with the siren call of the Pacific. No other album this year so far has put me in the summer mood quite the way the Cruiser EP has. Bless producer Jeremy Park for seeing the potential in States’ demos and finally making this season something to be excited about.

One Comment to “Bandcamp Pick of the Week: Cruiser, ‘Cruiser EP’”

  1. I LOVE this! So much.


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