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June 12, 2012

melodysheep remixes more than just Mr. Rogers

Okay. So by now you’ve all seen this “Garden of Your Mind” video featuring a remixed Mr. Rogers. It took a few friends posting it on Facebook before I decided to check it out, but when I did. Oh, you guys. I almost cried! Mr. Rogers was like my TV dad when I was a kid. He was such a sweet, wholesome man who knew how to relate to children and taught us how to appreciate all the wonders of the world. So hearing him talking (albeit autotuned) over an emotional piano melody brought up a wonderful and heartbreaking wave of feelings dating back to my oldest memories.

So of course, I wanted an mp3 of this. WHAT LUCK that not only does one exist, but it’s downloadable at Bandcamp for free (name your price, in fact, but more people respond to the word “free”). Not only that, but, geez, you guys. This John D. Boswell guy has remixed tons of stuff! Including, but not limited to Yoda, Sam Jackson’s reading of Go the F**k to Sleep, and the Snuggie commercial.

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