Shake Your Rump: The One Woman Dance Party Mix

Sometimes I vogue in public too.

One of the best things about working from home is that I can give into my dancing whims at any time. The dog is the only one around here to give me disapproving looks (and make no mistake, she TOTALLY does), so I’m comfortable with cranking up a song super-loud and shimmying around the office with wild abandon.

Never tried it? I guarantee you it will improve your day. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a playlist of 16 songs that will help you get movin’.

 One Woman Dance Party Mix

A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley
This song always makes me feel better. Always. I haven’t quite perfected the Elvis hip-swing, but I’m getting there.

Second Chance – Peter Bjorn & John
This one’s particularly good for sliding across wood floors in your socks.

Dancing On My Bed – The Pleasure Kills
Bounce, bounce, bounce!

I Will Love You – Summer Twins
My favorite new discovery! These girls are the cutest, and they make the danciest music! I love them.

Let’s Go – The Cars
I like the nightlife, baby. She said.

Shake Your Rump – Beastie Boys

Our Lips Are Sealed – The Go-Go’s
My friend and I lip-synced/fake played this in 4th grade at the school talent show. Nostalgia dance party! (I was Jane Weidlin.)

Kool Thing – Sonic Youth
I credit Hal Hartley for making me fall in love with this song. The Simple Men dance party is one of my favorite movie scenes, ever. And this tune’s especially fun for dance parties, because you can quote-along, “Hey Kool Thing. Come here. Sit down beside me. There’s somethin’ I gotta ask you. I just wanna know, what are you gonna do for me? I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male, white corporate oppression?”

Moving To Waterloo – The Capillaries
One of my favorite local bands, this song will have my heart forever — and always remind me of the many, many, many shows I spent at the front of the stage dancing my face off and shouting the lyrics.

Motor Crash – Sugarcubes
More bouncing. And screaming.

My Baby’s Got The Strangest Ways – Southern Culture on the Skids
It is physically impossible for me to NOT dance when this song comes on. Such a shame that a shitty horror film’s (I Know What You Did Last Summer) soundtrack is responsible for introducing me to it.

All Messed Up – The Donnas
I didn’t mean to get so addicted. It’s just like Miss Cleo predicted!

Bounce That – Girl Talk
Everything on Night Ripper is danceable, duh. But this mash-up is one of my favorites.

Fine Time – New Order

Decepta-Freak-On – Missy Elliot Vs. Le Tigre
This mash-up is BRILLIANT. It’s gotten to the point that now when I hear the plain Le Tigre song, I shout the Missy lyrics out. HOLLLLLA

Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You) – Violent Femmes
The Violent Femmes + The Jetsons makes for the perfect dance party wind-down.


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