May Mix: A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away …

Exactly 35 years ago today, one of the most famous movies of all time debuted on the big screen. You may or may not be a “Star Wars” fan, but very likely you’ve seen at least one of the films at some time in your life. Undeniable is the impact it had on the world of pop culture, especially film and the widespread understanding of monomyth.

In some ways, the franchise has become a mockery over time, not least of which due to the introduction of Jar Jar Binks and the weak, awkward chemistry between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala in the prequels — and the geekiest of “Star Wars” geeks will give you plenty more reasons to wish a pox upon George Lucas. But something can definitely be said for the money-making empire that is “Star Wars.” This thing will never stop selling, and it’s truly a phenomenon that I may never fully comprehend. There are new movies being made every day, and yet these ones came with such force, appealing to all sorts of people.

Maybe it’s the characters — the wise and skilled Yoda, the eccentric C-3PO, the scoundrely Han Solo and of course every lady-lover’s sex fantasy Princess Leia. Maybe it’s the fantastic galaxy, one of the most expansive ventures movie-goers have ever taken into an imagined world. Or perhaps it’s all the human components that make us feel connected, despite how unreal it all seems to the naked eye. It combines comedy, romance, drama, science fiction, action and adventure. There really is something for basically everybody.

Why yes, I am sexy. Thanks so much for noticing, though I fully expected you would.

When the original film was released in 1977, I was not alive, but I still have the feeling that “Star Wars” was considered a classic even when it was new. Because as long as I’ve lived, it has been. It’s even inspired music. What I’ve compiled for you is a mix of songs that pay homage to the “Star Wars” universe, mostly in very obvious ways, and a couple whose references just sit among the stanzas. If your favorite’s not in here, share it in the comments!

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Chewbacca – Supernova

Fett’s Vette – MC Chris

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For – Queens of the Stone Age

Death Star – The Presidents of the United States of America

New Hope – Blink-182

Fame (What She’s Wanting) – SR-71

Scoundrel – Twin Sister

I Told Her on Alderaan – Neon Neon

Like I Needed – Rogue Wave

Jedi Drinking Song – Dust Rhinos

Yoda – Weird Al Yankovic

Ballad of Han, Luke & Leia – D. Sticker Ensemble

Tatooine – Jeremy Messersmith

Oh Be One – Oh No Oh My

Jedi – Wolf Larsen

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