Video Raid: LA Font, ‘Sharks’

Los Angeles band LA Font is headed to the studio May 25 to start recording their new full-length album. The project was fan-funded on Kickstarter early this year and the band is eager to get these songs ready for your patient ears.

LA Font’s sound is reminiscent of garage rock from the early to mid-’90s with pleading, strained vocals and a Black Francis attitude. It all comes together marvelously in their 2011 single, “Sharks,” for which they recently released a music video.  Filmed in a busy McDonald’s parking lot, the guys have a day nearly as adventurous as the Mooby’s crew in Clerks II, strumming along during a burger invasion, chillin’ with a clown who’s into balloon animals, funning around in PlayLand, unsuccessfully attempting to stomach fast food and pummeling their drummer with the refuse. In the end, the burgers win, but we know in real life the band will live to play again!

One Comment to “Video Raid: LA Font, ‘Sharks’”

  1. haha awesome


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