Video Raid: Escape Tailor, ‘Just Cuz’

I’ve swooned over actor Jeremy Sisto since the 1995 Dean R. Koontz schlock-fest Hideaway, in which he played a skinny, long-haired devil-worshipping otherworldly teenage serial killer named Vassago (yes, I realize I have a problem).

Sisto is all grows up now — and I can’t get enough of him as a handsome single dad on Suburgatory, so I was pretty excited to learn that he released an album this week under the band name Escape Tailor.

I can only imagine that the crazy get-up he has on in this video is some sort of disguise so that people will pay less attention to his dreamy face and more attention to his, uh. music. The song is a little folk-arty for me, but it’s Jeremy. THAT VOICE. I totally can’t resist it. After a few listens, I’m starting to really really dig that last little bit — where he just says the ending lyric. All breathy.

I could used to it, you guys (which means I’m downloading the album right now!). Besides, do you even know who his father is?


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