Match By Match strikes up a cool new project idea

Before I begin talking about Ann Arbor trio Match By Match’s new fundraising campaign, I’d like to talk about why I like to support and share these types of endeavors.

It’s really fairly simple: Music is my life, and when I find something I like, I want to do what I can to make sure it can continue. Not only that, but I hope that others have the opportunity to know all the awesomeness that is available to them if they haven’t already discovered it themselves. The sweet deal with things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo is that when you pledge money to what they hope to achieve, you’re getting something in return. A successful campaign results in this band getting to create something new, and contributors get rewards. It’s really not very much different than pre-ordering an album from a band you love. You don’t necessarily know what it will sound like, but you’re banking on the possibility you’ll enjoy it, based on what you already know about them. And depending on how much you give, you get a lot of fun extras as a very special thank you for helping put the project in motion.

I’ve even contributed to projects by musicians I’d never heard before. I’ll look them up, listen to what they’ve done already, and, if I like it, sign up on their campaign fund for a digital release or whatever else they’ve got going on. And it’s other people telling me about these campaigns that gives me the opportunity to experience these musicians I otherwise would not have known about. Through these fundraising efforts, fans have the control over whether or not they happen, and if there’s enough demand that they succeed, then everybody wins.

As a duo, Match By Match funded their 2011 album, American Crowbar, through (what they describe in their new Indiegogo campaign as) “rhymes with ‘Flickstarter'” — nice job keeping it clean, guys. If I had to come up with a rhyme, I would have probably leaned more toward something like “Dickfarter.” But that’s just me, and probably implies I don’t like Kickstarter, when in fact I love Kickstarter. — Not only did their campaign succeed, but they went on to translate the album to a staged musical in Ann Arbor that was highly reviewed.

And since they had such a thriving 2011 and have added a third member (bassist Matt Roney, not pictured), they’re ready to make something new with the help of their fans once again. The folk group is now embarking on a quest to fund a four-song EP, releasing each song with a corresponding video as a storytelling mechanism. They need to raise $2,500 by June 5 to make Vivat Veritas as cool and polished as they want it to be, and as donors deserve. There are all sorts of rad incentives. Even if you’re not totally sold on their music, keyboardist/vocalist Melissa Coppola is offering up her mega-sweet antique accordion PLUS a lesson (a thing she does professionally, so you know you’ll get some good learning done). Check out the video for more details!

So, if you’re like me and have faith in rad things being rad, head on over to Match By Match’s fundraising page to help out, and tell ’em Large Marge sent ya:


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