‘When Will We Know What Is Now’: So good I downloaded it twice!

With as much music as I download, I often end up with a ton of zip folders from Bandcamp gathered on my computer desktop. When they build up about 10 or more, I’ll go through and organize them into my music folder and add them to iTunes. As I was doing this one day, I realized there was one album I had two copies of. Wow, I thought, this Jacob Gann guy must be pretty great for me to determine on two separate occasions that I want his EP. Probably doesn’t hurt that it’s a free Bandcamp download, but that’s never happened before, so I figured there must be something special about When Will We Know What Is Now.

Turns out it’s the standard singer-songwriter fare. Certainly no slouch, though, and the minor notes on opening track “A Love Lost, Wasn’t Love” prey on my weaknesses. On his Facebook page, Gann lists his influences as Augustana, the Fray and Damien Rice to name a few. Detectable, but additionally I sense a little mix of Shawn Mullins’ southern grit and the Gin Blossoms’ pop.

I’m tempted to take issue with Gann’s assertion that a love lost wasn’t love. The Nashville kid must be pretty young to think that just because love ends means it wasn’t real. But it’s pretty enough to make me forget I disagree with him. Besides, he’s sure got a lovely music video to go along with it.


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