Run for Cover! — A Kenny Darling Mix

They say the greatest form of flattery is imitation. And to me there are a number of things that make for an interesting cover. Maybe the cover improved upon something for you. Maybe you like a song, but always wanted to hear a punk rock version of it, or a more stripped down version. Maybe you just always wanted to hear William Shatner sing a Pulp song. Right? Either way, for whatever reason, people love a good cover.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a mix of some of my favorite covers. So here it is! I don’t claim these are the most important covers of all time, or that they’re all better than the originals or anything like that. But these are a combination of songs I loved growing up, covers that I think do good justice to the original, and a few songs that just seem strange and wonderful to me. Yes, I know there’s way too much Leonard Cohen… but is there? Can there ever really be too much Cohen? Well, without further ado. Click the link below to hear the songs. Or if you don’t have Spotify, and refuse to get it, just read the track listing below and hunt the songs down on your favorite site. Cheers!

Run for Cover!

1. Red House Painters – All Mixed Up (The Cars)

2. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – Handle With Care (The Traveling Wilburys)

3. She & Him – You Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson)

4. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

5. Calexico – Alone Again, Or – (Love)

6. The Get Up Kids – Close To Me (The Cure)

7. Talking Heads – Take Me To the River (Al Green)

8. Rufus Wainwright – Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Leonard Cohen)

9. Fiona Apple – Across the Universe (The Beatles)

10. Jarvis Cocker – I Can’t Forget (Leonard Cohen)

11. William Shatner – Common People (Pulp)

12. NOFX – Vincent (Don McLean)

13. Cake – I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)

14. Joe Cocker – Withe a Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles)

One Comment to “Run for Cover! — A Kenny Darling Mix”

  1. Funny! I just made a covers playlist too. Mine’s all reggae and country covers, though. I oughta put it up. Nice job, Kenny!


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