A Million Ways to love OK Go — A Video Retrospective

I’ve been an OK Go fan since I saw them play with Arlo and Fountains of Wayne at the old Crocodile — which I guess must have been at least 10 years ago. Wait. WHAT? Maybe more like 8, I dunno. I’m old and can’t keep track of stuff like that.

Anyway. I was also lucky enough to see them at The Croc again when they were performing the “A Million Ways” dance LIVE on stage. Which was AWESOME. OMFG you guys. Seriously, so awesome. The next best thing though, is the video for it, which they filmed in Damien’s sister’s backyard:

Adorable, right? Love, love, love it. They followed that viral masterpiece up with a couple more traditional videos for “Don’t Ask Me” and “You’re So Damn Hot,” which were also great, but not as great as their dance-fest. So for “Do What You Want,” they came up with this crazy blend-in-to-the-walls concept:

This one got passed around a bit, but not as much as “A Million Ways.” And so for “Here it Goes Again,” the boys created another spectacular dance routine…ON TREADMILLS. (I drunkenly asked Damien before a show one time if they would do it on stage, and he said “Uh, it’s kind of hard to get the treadmills in the tour van.” Der. I am a dork):

Instant hit! Everyone loves this thing. The Simpsons even did a parody of it. So how in the hell do you top a video with a crazy treadmill routine? You do a video with a complicated Rube Goldberg set-up for “This Too Shall Pass,” obviously:

And then everybody thinks you’re the greatest band in the world. (WHICH I ALREADY KNEW, PEOPLE.) Bonus points: dress up and play a marching band cover in the woods for the official video. The next video, for “End Love,” is cool and all, but it’s no “White Knuckles,” which enlisted a bunch of dogs to help with the choreography:

The “Last Leaf” video is also pretty, involving etched designs on toast, but OK Go topped themselves once again by creating a kaleidoscope-like video you could personalize with Google Chrome and Pilobolus — which you really need to participate in to get the full effect, so I won’t post it here.

And that brings us to the latest awesomely elaborate OK Go video, for “Needing/Getting,” which was previewed during the Super Bowl, is nothing short of amazing. The boys used a tricked-out Chevrolet to play their song on an elaborate obstacle course — and it’s. I mean. I can’t even. IT IS SO GREAT YOU GUYS:

They followed that up with an odd, but interesting, color coordinated video for “Skyscrapers” with a Tango-ing couple, but obviously I prefer the videos starring the band doing crazy shit. So I’m just waiting….wondering what they are going to do next, and knowing I’m going to love it.


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