April Mix: Late Night With Abby

I’m sure you all know by now how much I love a good mixtape. That’s why I’ve become so deeply enamored with the Late Night Tales series of compilations by selected artists such as MGMT and Belle & Sebastian. I listen to these albums not like a regular album, but like a mix carefully arranged from start to finish, meaning I don’t usually skip through to a song I want to hear because it would compromise the integrity of the mix.

Sounds vary from one mix to the next, with really wonderful offerings of everything from mid-20th century rock rarities to modern day electronic tunes. It’s always a nice surprise to see what they’ve managed to fit in, such as when Air’s compilation included Jeff Alexander’s “Come Wander With Me.” It’s certainly not always what you expect, but it always works. Though there are many differing genres, there’s a particular vibe that flows from one Late Night Tales to the next. It’s hard to define exactly, besides the series’ requisite to be the “ultimate late night mix.”  So instead of describing it to you, I decided to make my own Late Night Tales-esque mix. At 23 songs, it’s perfect CD length, so if you’re like me, do the proper thing and burn these to a disc.

If you like it and are like “Heck! Abby’s Late Night mix is so good I want her to keep making more and more!” then you are in luck. Because there will be more in the future as the initial playlist I formed for my Late Night Tales mix had like 200-something songs on it.

Late Night With Abby: 1

Spooky – Cat Fight

Flying Lotus – Camel

Sergei Prokofiev – ‘Montagnes and Capulets’ from ‘Romeo and Juliet’

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Crazy

Little Bark – In the Forest

OutKast – Crumblin’ Erb

Generationals – You Got Me

Emily Wells – Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House

Ratatat – Shiller

Friends – Friend Crush

The Troggs – Black Bottom

The Beau Brummels – Just a Little

Otis Redding – Pain in My Heart

The Monkees – Can You Dig It

Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better

Chrome Sparks – All There Is (featuring Steffaloo)

Alex Chilton – Every Day As We Grow Closer

Darling – White is Night

Timber Timbre – Trouble Comes Knocking

Robert Plant – Moonlight in Samosa

Charlotte Gainsbourg – White Telephone

The Dø – Song for Lovers

Bertram Wooster – John Keats’ ‘Fairy Song’


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