Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard In A While: ‘A Punk Named Josh’

If you weren’t lucky enough to get wind of this late ’90s radio gem, you missed out, friend! I actually had a friend named Josh who was kind of a punk. Not as much of a punk as this song describes, but it still sort of became his anthem by default. Sorta goes with the territory when you have a name like Josh.

Chopper One – A Punk Named Josh

Click the link above for a version that doesn’t zap out every “asshole.”

I suppose Chopper One can go down as one of those “one hit wonders” of that era, except I’m not even sure how much of a hit this one was. It’s kinda tough to find anything about the band online, and their album, Now Playing, appears to be out of print. Anyway, considering all those factors, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that this is definitely a song you haven’t heard in a while. I, however, played it in my car just yesterday. In case you were uncertain about how awesome my life is.


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