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March 19, 2012

Feel up Wenatchee with The Felts’ EP

Most of you guys probably don’t know much about Wenatchee, Wash., but it’s where I live, and have lived nearly continuously for almost 15 years. Every so often, awesome things happen here musically. Not sure if you’ve heard of these dudes Ghost Power!!! yet, but you ought to. Not sure if you know about this great Seattle band SHIM, but some of those dudes actually got their start here. So this town isn’t quite a big deal, but it’s no slouch.

Some self-professed “middle-aged guys” who “play loud music” might pique your interests. They’re called The Felts and they’ve got a pretty rockin’ Self-Titled EP you should check out. At seven songs, this album is a hefty EP of melodic hard rock that’s a generous reminder of the ’90s Seattle scene. Reminiscent of some of my old Excursion Records favorites from back in the day, The Felts deliver monster wails and crunchy guitar chords fit for a dimly lit barroom.

The Felts seem to cover the rock spectrum, with equal doses of grunge, prog, metal and punk filtered into the Self-Titled EP. On the tune “Loosely Felt,” you hear a little bit of everything. The hair band fan in me is even fully satisfied by the electric guitars on this beast.

It’s not every day the world gets a chance to experience Wenatchee’s occasional awesomeness, so keep an eye on these guys when they blow up your speakers with more truly boss tunes. Sometimes it just takes some “middle-aged” guys to remind us how to properly rock.