Video Raid: Scout, ‘So Close’

I’m not sure how it is that I haven’t heard about Scout yet, but if this video is any indication of what they do, I’m already sold. I love lead singer Ashen Keilyn’s throaty, Joan-Jett like vocals, and while the lyrics border on cheesy (hey, I love Lisa Loeb too, don’t judge!), it’s still a nice, breakup-mix tune that’s easy to bop along to — and easy to remember. I’ve run through it twice, and it’s already stuck in my head!

Ashen says, “It’s a song I wrote after one of many arguments. The line ‘So I’m stuck down here with my heart in a splint / getting so close to calling it quits’…well that’s exactly how I felt at the time.”

Nice. This version of “So Close” is apparently an “Ole” remix of the original on Scout’s new album All Those Relays, which will be released March 27. It’s sometimes easy to dismiss a newly-found band based on a catchy single, but I’m kind of excited to give the whole thing a listen…

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