Video Raid: Daydream Vacation, ‘Clever’s Not My Best Excuse’

Most of us here in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with Head Like A Kite and Smoosh. Well now here they are in one handy package! Dave Einmo and Asya are setting out as Daydream Vacation to release a new album. The band’s debut, Dare Seize the Fire, is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign which you can help succeed! They need to raise $4,500 by March 25, so head on over and contribute a little something. There are plenty of incentives, least of which is an autographed CD, as well as a digital download before the album’s release date. Pretty sweet! Get in on this deal while you have a chance!

Hear more Daydream Vacation here:

One Comment to “Video Raid: Daydream Vacation, ‘Clever’s Not My Best Excuse’”

  1. Abby,
    Head Like A Kite, Smoosh, Daydream Vacation would make for a helluva New Years show at Mela.
    That $2500 package is a steal. The trick is coming up with that amount that soon and getting them to agree to a date that far off.


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