Seattle’s Own Heavy Hitters: Serial Hawk

I’ve been skating by lately, doing the bare minimum, a post here, a post there. I have essentially been avoiding the inevitable. I have been fighting myself to come home after a 13 hour day at my “job” and write this article. Not because I don’t feel motivated by the music, not because I have no passion for it. Yet I cannot procrastinate any longer. I need to share with you, Serial Hawk. Hot damn, my fingers are tingling, my mind is racing and I feel a bit funny in my stomach. What was I waiting for?

Serial Hawk is a Seattle three-piece, loud as fuck, stoner metal band, with Will on guitar, Adam on bass and Justin on drums — a simple formula creates exponential results in an expedition up a mountainous terrain of big stacks, amps clipping, tubes and transistors overheating, big riffs and punishing volumes!

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, but what I hear digitally is what keeps me interested and satisfied. I got a hold of Will awhile ago, after my HWOIG interview and wanted an interview with another great Seattle band that I had liked for awhile now. Will agreed and I treated it like a one night stand … all the satisfaction of scoring but never calling back.

Shame on me. So I’m back and here to score again with another great Seattle band and see what makes them tick.

Who and what is Serial Hawk?

Will: We’re a band from Seattle that plays loud. I’m Will (guitar/vocals), over there is Adam (bass) and in the kitchen is Justin (drums). As a band we’ve always been a pretty straight-forward group of dudes that loves to play heavy music inspired by countless bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

You recently got a new drummer. How has Justin’s technique added to Serial Hawk and your overall sound?

Will: Justin is a great drummer; really creative and versatile, takes his instrument seriously and puts a lot of work into playing with us. He’s been a great person to get to know and have in the band. He’s also a fantastic cook. He prepares delicious food regularly… Serial Hawk aprons at the merch table anyone?
Adam: As far as the band goes, he has definitely brought new energy to Serial Hawk and good vibes. I feel like he has pushed the rhythm of the band forward making some of our new music more driven — he has helped add a new level of dynamics for sure. I think Justin’s style translates well to Serial Hawk and has been an inspiration when writing new jams. It’s awesome to find a new band member that you wanna hang out with and can call a friend.

Last year you did a West Coast tour. Are there any plans to spread back out before releasing an EP or full-length?

Will: Definitely. I’m booking another West Coast tour right now and we’ll be hitting the road again in March. Earlier this month, we recorded four songs with Adam Pike at Toadhouse Studios in Portland and want to release that at some point.

How was the recording process like At Toadhouse studios? Home and studio recording are huge differences when a producer is involved. Did you learn any cool tricks or tips going forth?

Will: Adam Pike is a pro, so the process has been great, definitely very relaxed and straight-forward. I love being in the studio and being able to see it all come together. We’ve made some good headway, but we’re going to be doing some more work with him later in February, then finishing up in March most likely. As far as the tricks/tips, that would probably have to be answered by the man behind the board!
Justin: I thought it was significantly less difficult than I expected it to be. This was my first experience tracking in a real studio, and I’m happy that it was at Toadhouse Studios. I felt Adam Pike was very easy to communicate with and his artistic views blended well with what Serial Hawk is trying to achieve musically.
Adam: It was painless, super laid back, and a good time. Toadhouse Studios has a good vibe for sure.

Who are some of Serial Hawk’s influences and who inspired you to play music?

Will: The Melvins, TAD, Unsane, Floor, Sleep, Yob, as well as a ton of other awesome bands in Seattle right now that inspire me just about every day. When I was younger it was a lot of AC/DC, Metallica and Nirvana that first inspired me to play guitar.
I find inspiration mostly in my friends, bandmates, our peers and people that seem to care about what we do. If I hear, see or feel anything performed with conviction and sincerity, I will definitely try to learn from that.
After elementary school a majority of my close friends started playing musical instruments, and I was very easily convinced to pick one up as well. Skateboarding was my main thing at the time. But after hurting myself too many times and intermittently playing on a friend’s kit for about a year, I bought my first kit in the winter of 2001. A red, five-piece Rogers. Within another year I had quit skating completely, and solely focused on drums. If it weren’t for my musically inclined friends in middle school, I wouldn’t be doing this.

You guys are known for loud, crushing volumes. What gear are you currently using?

Will: If you play in a band and don’t give a shit about gear, you probably don’t sound very good. That being said, I love gear! The lore of the eternal tone quest! Right now I play an old Guild S100 through a ’76 Marshall JMP and an ’82 JCM 800 with two 4×12 speaker cabinets. I’m fairly content with the old Celestion speakers from the late ’70s and early ’80s, but I’m constantly looking for more gear.
Adam: Lately I’ve been using a Fender Jazz Bass through two Ampeg fridges, one 8×10, one 2×15, and an Ampeg SVT. It definitely gets the job done. Presence goes along way, I’ve had people give me shit about having too many speakers, especially sound guys, but if you’re into heavy music, you get it. Most of the bands that blow me away live use multiple cabs. There is nothing more rad to me than, draggin’ everything you’ve got down into a basement full of sweaty people, turning up and melting fucking faces.
Justin: I use a Pearl Session Custom with 6-ply Maple shells; 22″ kick, 13″ & 16″ toms. The snare I’m using is 14″x6″ and was made by a small company in Ohio called Erie Drums, the shell being 10-ply Oak. For cymbals, I’m using an assortment of Zildjian A Customs and K’s at the moment.

When can your fans expect an EP from Serial Hawk?

Will: We’re going to press a 10″ EP this summer in between our touring schedule but if anyone out there wants to put it out, we’d like that… a lot!

Look out for Serial Hawk’s upcoming album by visiting their Bandcamp and Facebook. Get yourself a killer T on their Merch Website and follow them on Twitter.


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