Living Hard in ‘Pus City’: Monogamy Party Vinyl Review

Ok, this is a few months late as far as the release dates go, but “better late than never,” someone once told me. I also tagged this as a “Best of 2011″ because dammit it is! I received my 10” Monogamy Party Pus City LP just a while ago from Good To Die Records and I’ve been spinning it for as long as I’ve had it. In reality it hasn’t even made it onto the shelf yet.  So let’s get this party started.

Monogamy Party is a three-piece, no holds barred, punk-induced nightmare, landing smack dab in your face. Unlike your conventional three-piece, what this band doesn’t have is a guitarist, and it makes perfect sense. Yos-Wa holds his own on bass duties and vocals, as lead singer Kennedy, belts out fantastic lyrics. Their drummer Keith holds down the fort with solid, yet fast, rhythms. Listening to the album, you don’t even miss the guitar. As partial as I am to bass players, being one myself, I give mad props to Yos-Wa and his heavy, distorted rhythmic playing and his Rickenbacker’s clean mid-range thump. His blend of clean and effected passages really give a 2-dimensional quality to the overall sound of the album. Who needs those extra six strings getting in the way of perfection?

The first track on the album is “Never to Rise” — a heavily distorted bass riff  and some cymbal snare work make way for the initial slap in the face with the opening verse sung in unison, “Pull your hands free, reach out touch me, because I can be touched, because I can be loved.” You start to wonder just what the album has in store lyrically. “Drunk or Dying,” is a great classic punk rock song with a bit of a hardcore tinge thrown in. The back and forth of punk-inspired riffs and Blood Brothers-esque vocal play propels the song forward. Track three shows a different side of Monogamy Party, for only just a moment. “The Covenant of Brothers,” begins with a very quietly simplistic sound, then grows into a manic crescendo, only to plateau in the gut of the song then back into some frantic Brian Ritchie bass playing.

Flipping over to Side B, I have to say, that these guys are true romantics. “Fucking Your Brains Out,” may just be my pre-funk song from now on. With gems like “I’m seriously thinking about fucking your brains out, but I stand here like an honest man, I would do more then break a sweat, just to make you cum.” How can you not love lyrical content such as that?!

“Hard Feelings” may just be one of the best arranged songs on the album. Pure greatness, and the wordplay is fantastic. The song deserves a few gold stars from the party police and will soon become that end of night party anthem for the die-hard drinker.

The closing track and album title, “Pus City,” is a balance of soft and hard song arrangement, softly whispering in your ear, then beating you senseless for getting too comfortable. If you have any self-doubt inside you, this song will make you question your place in this life and whether or not who and what you are is who and what you should be.

You can find Monogamy Party on Facebook, and buy their 10″ or a digital download on their Bandcamp or Good To Die Records.


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