Help The Hugs master their next album with a Kickstarter pledge

A team of lovable, Portland, Ore., scamps is hoping you’ll help them put out their third album. Perhaps you’ve heard of The Hugs before, as I posted a wonderful little video of their song “Shoe Swappin'” a couple of months back. If you’re not convinced of their garage-poppy goodness, listen to their first two albums over at Bandcamp and educate yourselves.

The quartet has recorded a third album for your eager ears, but needs fan funds to get it mixed and mastered for completion. They want to raise $3,100 to cover costs by Feb. 26, so give ’em a hand if you can spare some change. If you head to their Kickstarter page, you’ll see that for each amount of money you donate, you’ll get something special in return, so you can basically think of it as pre-ordering their album, or pre-paying for other fun perks. If you’ve got $1,200 to burn, you get the mother lode, which includes not only a thank you on the band’s website, a signed copy of the new album + digital download, and VIP access to the release party, but you also get a rare Hugs poster, three one-of-a-kind Polaroids signed by the band, a private concert anywhere in the Northwest, a role in the new music video, and the kicker — the Hugs will help you record a single of your very own!

Let’s face it, most of you probably don’t have that kind of money to just throw at a band that you’ve probably never heard of (but you’ve heard of them now! You’re welcome!) but a $10 donation gets you a pre-order of the digital download. You can do $10, right? Go do it!

Go to: The Hugs’ Kickstarter
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