Knife City hands out MAGFest recordings, promises ‘legit EP’ soon

Over the first weekend of 2012, one of the coolest gaming conventions occurred in National Harbor, Md. It’s called MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) and it’s ultimately better than PAX (the Penny Arcade Expo) in that it gives as much attention to music inspired by gaming culture as it does to gaming culture itself. Which means it came along with a pretty sweet lineup of some of my favorite chiptunes artists and rock musicians whose basic M.O. is paying tribute to the games that rock the most.

See what I mean?!

I have yet to attend a MAGFest because it occurs during one of the most treacherous travel times of the year. Last year I had tickets, but flights were cancelled for days, so I gave my ticket to a stranger in need. But thank goodness for the Internet, because I can see videos and hear recordings from the event on my computer after it’s over.

Luke Silas (aka Knife City) went so far as to release an EP of recordings he made during the fest on Bandcamp and posted the link to Facebook. With the post, he also assured fans that he’s “also going to release a legit EP soon!” set for release in March, so get stoked, chiptunes lovers. He really is one of the best. If you don’t believe me, just listen to his magfest sucky ep. I mean, legit EP or not, you’re gonna want this one. And in case you need further incentive, you can name your own price, which means it can be yours for $0. Donate a little money if you can though, cause this dude deserves it.


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