Boyfrndz: I Saw Them Live, You Can Hear Them Here!

I like genre bending bands, so naturally when I entered the doors to Red7 in Austin for New Year’s Eve I was not only excited to see my favorite band Russian Circles play, I was excited to see the opening band, too. I had heard very little of the them prior to the show, but what I did hear I wanted more.

Boyfrndz is a high-energy band with not-too-subtle attributes in different genres and styles. How unfair of me right? This is just one of those bands you don’t want to label with technical mumbo-jumbo. One moment you’re caught in the hook with eerie vocals, bobbing your head, and the next a complicated guitar riff slams and faster-than-light drums hit you in the back of the head. If music is a journey, Boyfrndz is weaving in and out the back roads on a schizophrenic highway. The drums and guitar complement each other well, weaving in and out from one another with a chaotic sense of push and pull, while the bass stands heavy and anchors it all together, keeping a solid yet technical foundation under your feet.

The bands consists of Aaron Perez on drums, Scott Martin on vocals/guitar and Joseph Raines on bass. Their self-titled album is available here for free download or you can order a pretty cool recycled original art CD for $8.

Boyfrndz Twitter


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