January Mix: Embracing The Cold With Winter Songs

January tends to be the most wintry of all the months, at least in the region I call home. I’m one of those people who just really doesn’t like winter much. It’s cold and the roads are icy and the sky looks sad all the time. My distaste for winter is completely genuine, as you can observe from this diary entry I wrote in 1988, when I was 6 years old (left unedited because it’s cuter that way):

Tomrrow Wensday
Last night I stayed with fluffy. Until She ran out of my bedroom I read. the berenstain bears and the truth. But me and Sam would not Obay our dad! It was still winter. But I hate the snow!

Thankfully, there is something to make winter less of a grumblefest for me, and that’s excellent music about this dreaded season. Some people find it less dreaded and more magical, and there are some good songs about that, too. Some are even enough to make me briefly forget about how much I hate it.

But mostly, I like to listen to the wintersongs that sound akin to how I feel: Gray, cold, empty, nostalgic and stifled. Though I’m sure you’d forgive me for it, I employed my best efforts to not make this a mix of Lightning Love and Frontier Ruckus tunes. What resulted is actually pretty good. This will make those ugly winter drives through town a little more bearable.

Coldest Morning Light – The Pharmacy
“Every day I just wake up and wait for the night.

Cold Highway – Elton John
“There’s a cold, cold highway that the wind whistles down, where the corners turn gray like the graveyard ground.”

Cold Front Blues – Southeast Engine
“As the cold advances, all of my chances dwindle and hide beneath a fresh coat of snow.”

Winter and the Preacher’s Daughter – Frontier Ruckus
“Clothes do so very little when the cold’s coming from the heart.”

Winter Fugue – Leslie and the Badgers
“Outside the winter wind sings, but inside these walls it don’t mean a thing. We’re gonna lay around here ’til spring.”

A Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel
“Look around, leaves are brown, there’s a patch of snow on the ground.”

Cold Outside – Il Abanico
“Is it dark and dangerous outside? Everybody’s walking inside their heads, sinking inside again.”

Winter’s Heir – Sea Wolf
“In our ears a steady ring kept us moving toward the spring.”

Winter – Nurses
“Winter saw my thoughts, winter saw my words.”

Bitter Cold – Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
“Then the flurries put to hurry the need to gather warmth.”

Warmer Days Ahead – Lightning Love
“At Christmas this was pretty, the snow, the ice and cold. I really think I loved it then, but now it’s getting old.”

January Hymn – The Decemberists
“Hail the winter days after dark, wandering the gray Memorial Park, a fleeting beating of hearts.”

Tracks in the Snow – The Civil Wars
“There’s a choir on the wind, singing all familiar hymns.”

Through the Winter – The Woodlands
“Arrayed stark and vast through the winter, where vacant days shall pass, behold crescent glow through the winter, where barren blossoms grow.”

Winter Time – The Steve Miller Band
“When all the leaves are brown, and the wind blows, and the birds have all flown for the summer, I’m callin’. Hear me callin’.”


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