Get down with the funky beats of Ghosthouse

Move over, Chromeo — there’s a new electrofunk duo in town. Chicago’s Ghosthouse is the U.S.’s answer to Canada’s hottest thing to hit the dance floor this decade. Like Chromeo, Ghosthouse finds its inspiration in the sizzling, sexy jams of the ’80s, as its self-titled album exuberantly reveals. Ghosthouse is the first full-length to come of Chuck New and Jimmy Con’s musical collaboration, dripping with the cream of Prince’s crop, burning like the fuse on The Gap Band’s bomb and conjuring the Midas Touch of Midnight Star.

While the songs don’t include any actual samples from hits of the past, the group’s homage comes mighty close to the real thing at times, and it’s not limited to funk. While “Analog Man” sounds vaguely like a send-up to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove,” it’s also got a line that comes close to an Atomic Fireballs tribute with the words, “The man with the power, the power of the groovebox” (or is that a Bowie reference?). And “Flatline,” in addition to its feverish dance beats, is an obvious emulation of Van Halen.

Any dance party, ’80s or otherwise, wouldn’t be complete without the cool synths of “9.2.5,” which, as far as I’m concerned, is this album’s ultimate jam. It’s one of two songs on Ghosthouse that get the remix treatment at the end of the album, as well. These 10 songs are available for free, so don’t pass up this opportunity to funk up your music collection.

One Comment to “Get down with the funky beats of Ghosthouse”

  1. Amazing write up. Thank you so much. -Jimmy from GH


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