Just a few albums to get stoked for in 2012

As we embark upon a new year (the last year ever, as some may say!), we already have some anticipation of what’s ahead. Maybe we’ve already planned some vacations, and bought tickets to concerts and events that are coming up. One thing I always have in my mind is which of my favorite bands have announced they’ll be releasing a new album, or new bands who will be releasing debuts (which are sometimes the most exciting). Without further ado, here’s a small list of stuff that’s caught in my radar.

Dillon WarnekA Stranger Here, Jan. 1 (that’s today, homies! Expect a review this week.)

RivuletsYearlings (digital EP), Jan. 3

Lost LanderDRRT, Jan. 24

Nada SurfThe Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, Jan. 24

Lightning LoveGirls Who Look Like Me (EP), Jan. 31; full-length in the spring

HarrietTell the Right Story (EP), Jan. 31

Sleigh BellsReign of Terror, Jan. 31

Dr. DogBe the Void, Feb. 7

of MontrealParalytic Stalks, Feb. 7

The Soft HillsThe Bird Is Coming Down To Earth, Feb. 14

EisleyDeep Space (EP), Feb. 14

Perfume GeniusPut Your Back N 2 It, Feb. 20

“All Waters” by Perfume Genius

Damien JuradoMaraqopa, Feb. 21

“Nothing Is the News” by Damien Jurado

DreamendAnd the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave, Feb. 28

FanfarloRooms Filled With Light, Feb. 28

Plants and AnimalsThe End of That, Feb. 28

The White BuffaloOnce Upon a Time in the West, Feb. 28

The ShinsPort of Morrow, March 2012

The BowerbirdsThe Clearing, March 6

Miniature TigersMia Pharaoh, 2012

More artists you may see putting out material in 2012: Archie Powell & the Exports; Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!; Frontier Ruckus; The Morning Benders; Vuvuzela; Outkast

That’s not all! But it’s a pretty decent start. I’m sure there are some great surprises up ahead, as well. Of course there are. Aren’t there always?


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