December Mix: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Songs

I’m no Christmas superfan or anything, but it’s one of the few things (besides New Year’s parties, “Twilight Zone” marathons, and my birthday) that make winter something to get happy about. I’m sort of grossed out by reckless consumerism and don’t believe in God and know that Santa Claus is dead, but there are plenty of things to love about the holiday, even if you don’t support all that it’s about.

For instance, Christmas cookies. My favorites are pizzelles, those buttery thin waffles of sweetness that crumble softly in your mouth and will be all eaten before you know it if you leave them out on a table at your office. Another thing to love is Christmas movies. I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas movies. Something magical always happens, and it never fails to wrap my cockles deep in warm fuzzies. Plus, one thing that Christmas is about that really hits home for me is peace, compassion and care for the welfare of others, something I try to practice every day of my life.

It’s a little hard to escape the cozy feelings Christmas brings, and believe me, I try. I’m no Scrooge, but I’m definitely not one to succumb to sentimental hokum in an ordinary context. But I guess a lifetime of happy holiday memories (save for that one year when my dad told me was dying of cancer) have left me with little to associate the day with other than good times. And that’s why, as much as I want to hate Christmas songs — because a) they’re basically unacceptable for more than one month out of the year; and b) they employ silly musical gimmicks like jingle bells for festivity’s sake — I’ve stopped fighting it. I just listen to them. I sing along to them. I play them on the piano. I purchase them, you guys!

At some point I just had to accept that something inside of me desires to revel in Christmas cheer. It’s not strong, mind you, but it will not be ignored. So, in the spirit of not ignoring that obvious defect in my psyche, I’m giving you my most favorite Christmas songs, so that you can hear what I hear (see what I did there?). Bah humbug to you all!

Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert

Christmas Vacation – Mavis Staples

All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – A B & the Sea (featuring The She’s)

All I Wanted Was A Skateboard – Super Deluxe

Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade

Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) – The Darkness

Merry Fucking Christmas – Mr. Garrison (of South Park)

The 12 Days of Christmas – from Space Ghost Coast to Coast

O Holy Night – Weezer

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy – Jack Black & Jason Segel

Christmas is All Around – Billy Mack (Bill Nighy)

I’m Home for the Holidays – AM

Carol of the Bells – John Williams

Let There Be Peace on Earth – Vince Gill

All I want for Christmas is some makeouts! Anyone? ANYONE?!

2 Comments to “December Mix: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Songs”

  1. Santa Claus is dead?

    Damn, Abbytron.


  2. If it makes you feel better, when he was alive, he was every bit as Santa-y as people imagine. A true saint, that one.


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