I’ve been ‘Led Into the Woods’ of banjos by The Amboys

Okay, I’m gonna level with you guys here. There’s only a really detectable banjo on two of the songs on this album, but those two songs totally steal the show (or maybe that’s just me and my banjo-lovin’ heart talking). Led Into the Woods opens with “Ashley Meets the Wolf,” a high energy trip down banjo lane, and once you hear that, you’ll be hooked.

Would you believe these Americana-steeped ragamuffins are from New Jersey? Well, they are. And they may call themselves “indie folk rock” on their Facebook page, but these guys just straight-up rock, full of sweet hooks and rhythms that’ll make you wanna throw on some boots just so you can do some proper stompin’. “One of Those Nights,” the other banjo tune, sorta makes it impossible to sit still. I don’t care how grizzled you may be. You will dance!

Something bassy this way comes on penultimate number, “Last Song of the Night,” welcoming some sultry blues licks to the mix. It’s hot and loud and wild. In other words, this isn’t your grandma’s backwoods. “Name Your Price” at Bandcamp right now for this gem if you haven’t already, and light a fire under these cold winter nights.


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