Great music is on the horizon, thanks to Oregon’s Lost Lander

There’s a new indie band to be getting excited about, kiddies! This Oregon foursome is called Lost Lander and it’s led by Matt Sheehy, formerly of the duo Gravity and Henry.

The band will be releasing its debut album, DRRT, for my 30th birthday. Isn’t that so sweet of them?! Actually, I’m sure that birthday thing is just a coincidence, but you’ll be able to nab up a copy of this group’s new release on Jan. 24, 2012, and maybe wrap one up in party paper and give it to your favorite music blogger for her “I’m officially an old person” day.

What do they sound like, you ask? Well, they sound like this:

I mean, I’m in love. Aren’t you? Not just with the song, but the video is pretty sweet, too, doncha think? Apparently it’s just a series of clips recorded on a cell phone of one evening of channel surfing. But it’s quite cleverly pasted together so that the pictures match up with the music’s ebbs and flows. Anderson Cooper’s solemn face during a prolonged down moment is especially poignant, and I’m also a fan of Stephen Colbert staking the American flag in time with a powerful drum hit.

Go to the band’s website and enter your e-mail address for a free download of “Cold Feet” to tide you over until my birthday.


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