Longtime Seattle rockers make a new name for themselves as Sandrider

In case you were looking to get your face rocked off this year, look no further than Sandrider‘s self-titled debut. The album is seven songs of straight-up sock-you-in-the-gut heavy grooves.

The Seattle trio is made up of hard rock veterans Jon Weisnewski and Nat Damm of Akimbo, and Jesse Roberts of The Ruby Doe. It’s fitting then that the group released its album on Seattle’s Good to Die Records, led by Nik Christofferson of Seattle Rock Guy fame. The young label has made a great start for itself supporting this band which will no doubt be hugely well-regarded once word gets out about their record.

Full of sludgy guitar and gruff growls, Sandrider is exactly the kind of concentrated rock to rile a crowd and send heavy metal hairdos flailing across a room. Sandrider’s badassery knows no bounds. Weisnewski’s screams penetrate every track, reaching full power midway through the hardy stunner “Paper,” which comes complete with some of the album’s most delicious bass tones. You don’t have to take my word for it; just listen for yourself.

3 Comments to “Longtime Seattle rockers make a new name for themselves as Sandrider”

  1. By the freaking way…I love all that is Sandrider! Abby I’m so glad you got this up here!


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