Get hip to the garage rockin’ wails of The Ghosts

It didn’t take a whole lot of convincing for me to get into California band The Ghosts when they told me about their new single. First of all, um, their name is The Ghosts. Of the few things you may know about me by now, one is that I really love ghosts. And Halloween. And basically all things creepy. So basically, call yourselves The Ghosts and OF COURSE I’m going to check out your tunes, are you kidding?!

Second of all, OF COURSE I checked out their tunes, and turns out they’re pretty dope. Another thing you may know about me by now is that I love me some punky lo-fi garage rock. Guess what The Ghosts play.

That’s right! Punky lo-fi garage rock!

These scrappy lads have the spirit of The Buzzcocks and the sensibilities of Gas Huffer, with wild results. The band’s single is currently only available in physical form on 7″ vinyl from Orange County’s Moon Records. It includes the above tune and a cover of Shadow Morton’s “Give Him A Great Big Kiss,” popularly recorded in the ’60s by the Shangri-Las. You can e-mail the band at to order a copy.

The Ghosts also have a super-sweet little EP, Demo One Revisited: You Don’t Need Fans To Rock, on CD. You can download a few of the songs from the album for free over at the band’s Soundcloud page.

P.S. Third of all, where the band is asked to list its website on its Facebook page, they offer up this link. And of all the things you know about me, I’m sure you know more than anything that I have a sick and disturbing obsession with Disneyland, not to mention the Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride there. Um, so yeah, these guys really know how to win a girl’s heart.


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