Video Raid: Only Son, ‘It’s A Boy’

Growing up I knew I could always count on my younger sister, Camille, for some great music. Her ear is amazing; she plays piano, guitar, dabbled on the flute and viola. Still, to this day, we email each other videos, links to bands and can talk about music for hours. For my 34th, she sent me a couple of great mixtapes (with a hand drawn b-day card and all). :) So, when she emails me something, I drop what I’m doing and I check it out.

All jokes aside, she called me one day and asked if I had heard of a band called Only Son. Her description was, “It’s like Bob Dylan and Adam Sandler genetically cloned a child from their DNA and created this guy.” I was intrigued! I said no, I have not heard of him, but email me a link and I will watch it.

Watch it I did … over and over again. I saw my sister’s joke in the man’s looks, but the joke was lost after hearing the song, watching the video and realizing the meaning of the song. It was deep, it was poignant, it was eerie and touched on the materialistic side of America. Not just with people’s possessions, but their children, also. I firmly believe we are a nation of robots, constantly being spit out of the “machine” that is America. I think this song sums up a small fraction with what is wrong with us as a people.


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