Lightning Love makes its long-awaited return with an EP in 2012

It’s so easy to overlook great music when it’s really indie, but it ought to be criminal to overlook Lightning Love. This adorable pop trio sings about heartbreak and adulthood in a way that many a 20-something can understand. When I first became friends with my favorite music fanatic Amber Valentine, she could not stop talking on Twitter about how perfect this pack of Michigan rascals was at making the soundtrack to her life. Far be it for me to not check out music that gets such consistent raves, so I did.

I fell immediately in love with the band’s debut album, November Birthday, for reasons I enumerated in an article over at Indie College last year. I honestly did not expect to be so amazed by these toeheaded cuties, but their formula just works way too freaking well — Leah Diehl’s clipped vocals and keyboard fantasies belong together.

Warmer Days Ahead – Lightning Love

The group gets plenty of love from the people who’ve heard their music, but they still somehow remain in relative obscurity, which is nothing less than tragic. While I would definitely suggest checking out November Birthday before delving any further into Lightning Love’s work (because you really can’t mess with perfection, which is what that album is), I’m also really excited to announce that the band is finally releasing a follow-up EP, Girls Who Look Like Me, on Jan. 31, 2012, on Quite Scientific Records. The collection of four songs is a modest representation of the trio’s growth, but most importantly reveals that they’re sticking with the sound that worked so well for them from the start.

They’re all good songs, but two especially stand out for me. “I Know” is anchored by heavy chords and repetitive, deliberate drum thumps, coming across as far more powerful than it has any right to be. You can download my other favorite, “Deadbeat,” from the label’s Soundcloud page right now.

There’s nothing not Lightning Love about this track, and definitely if you dig it, you have no reason to not look into their previous stuff. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be left wanting after hearing this EP. Not because it’s lacking anything, but because you’re ALWAYS hungry for more new Lightning Love, no matter what. Well, don’t start crying yet! Because later in 2012, you can look forward to the band’s sophomore full-length which is very nearly surely more of this stuff you already adore.

One Comment to “Lightning Love makes its long-awaited return with an EP in 2012”

  1. I never remembered to read this until I saw someone link it on Facebook today and I just wanted to let you know that you have the best taste in good music, Abby, because Lightning Love is the best ever.


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