Unsubstantiated Rumor Alert: Jonny Corndawg + Dawes = Corndawes

When someone puts something on Twitter, there’s a huge chance that it’s of very little interest or completely based in not-factual information. Just like in real life, however, there are people who exist on Twitter that I trust and listen to. Whether it’s Mike from Play B-Sides recommending a record or Hearingade’s own Abby sending me a Bandcamp link, Twitter has proven itself an invaluable resource for discovering music. Recently, my friends over at the Madison-based blog Rock Of The Arts informed the Twitterverse that a rumor is going around about a possible Jonny Corndawg collaboration with one of my favorite bands of the past five years, Dawes. And it was basically the best rumor ever.

Middle Brother featuring Jonny Corndawg – Middle Brother (Live at Daytrotter)

So the word is that the Corndawes collab might be recorded as soon as this winter, maybe even in my old ‘hood by team Daytrotter. I don’t know what’s more exciting: The prospect of this album, the prospect of this album being recorded by my homies at DT, or the prospect of this album actually being called “Corndawes.” Just say it with me for a moment: Corndawes. Corndawes. Corndawes. Fun, isn’t it?!

If you’re not excited about Corndawes, you probably don’t know too much about the parties involved. I say this because, believe me, this collab is something to get excited about. Dawes is a band of Californian wunderkinds who bust out classic rock anthems that (literally) make Jackson Browne proud. As for Corndawg, he’s probably the best modern country musician living today. From Nashville by way of Brooklyn, Corndawg makes amazing, timeless, hilarious-yet-unironic classic country, as made evidenced on his albums Down The Bikini Line and I’m Not Ready To Be A Daddy. I got to see Corndawg perform in 2010 with Dawes as his backing band during a barn show and it was the best. Literally. That barn show was the best concert of my life. I still talk about it!

Sure, this whole Corndawes thing is just what the subject line says it is: An unsubstantiated rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. That being said, the last time I got an unsubstantiated rumor involving Dawes it was about what ended up becoming the Middle Brother album so I’d say our odds of Corndawes owning our collective hearts and souls within the year are pretty good.


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