This Strawberry Heritage EP is a soothing winter snack

I fall into various moods during the snowy season (which in North Central Washington lasts about five months) but it seems the most common may be serene, calm, sedate. Give me a Thesaurus and I could go on. In other words, though I may at times want to hear some heavy metal or maybe a hot banjo jam, most of the time, I just want to hear something gentle and soothing. And that is where this lovely trio of songs by Grand Rapids’ Strawberry Heritage comes in.

Sometimes all it takes is some vocals and acoustic guitars to make a song complete, and that’s what Strawberry Heritage does. A trip to the Bandcamp page for the Shoreline EP is as stark as the music itself, with very few details about the songs or the artist, John Hanson. Click on the artist’s name, and you’re directed to Hanson’s Flickr Photostream which … uh, interestingly enough includes images of members of Michigan folk band Frontier Ruckus. Frontier Ruckus is my favorite winter band of all time, you guys. So yeah, if it’s gonna be like that, then all the more reason to add Strawberry Heritage to my winter music queue, and yours.

One Comment to “This Strawberry Heritage EP is a soothing winter snack”

  1. John is currently the bass player of Frontier Ruckus! Here is some more Strawb’itage if you are interested…


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