Lana Del Rey Seduces With Vintage Glamour and Pop Hooks

I try to be that super cool indie girl who’s immune to super manufactured pop music. I try to be above it. In fact, I went through a very dedicated phase in college where I only listened to Joanna Newsom and the score from Lord Of The Rings. It was a strange time. Nevertheless, no matter what seemingly steadfast barriers I surround my fragile indie ears with, there are things that do make their way past my defenses. At first, I try to ignore it and when that doesn’t work, I try to hate it and if that doesn’t do any good, then I’m done for. I can’t resist it.

I’ve found myself dealing with that more than a few times. My senior year of high school, Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” was the only thing in my stereo more than Interpol’s debut. Years later, I found my murder ballad loving self seduced by the sweet baby angel voice of Taylor Swift. And now? It’s the glam noir indie pop of Lana Del Rey that I’m finding my ear heartbeat racing for, despite my best efforts.

It was “Video Games” that did it to me. And it was the fact that the super romantic song was first played for me by a guy that’s just the kind of affections-thieving rebel that Del Rey sings about that endeared the song to me even more. For four days straight, I listened to nothing but “Video Games” and daydreamed about that boy. It was like middle school all over again, only with much better eyeliner. I had hoped that my reaction to “Video Games” was isolated, that my fondness for Del Rey’s haunting, smoky vocals wouldn’t spread to her other songs. Then I made the mistake of listening to “Kinda Outta Luck” and I couldn’t not like Del Rey.

Lana Del Ray – Kinda Outta Luck

Do you realize what that song is? It’s a song about killing! A song about a girl killing guys! All of my absolute favorite songs ever are about murder (See my obsessions with Okkervil River and Timber Timbre). The surefire way to make me love your music is to write about, oh, say, bludgeoning a guy in the back of the head with a gun. Naturally, Del Rey has won me over completely with this. It’s basically a documentation of one of my biggest fantasies!

The fact that there’s a minute controversy surrounding recent Interscope signee Del Rey (and her fake lips) isn’t that interesting to me. I do wholeheartedly believe that Del Rey is about to blow up Adele-style and be a huge pop star. Anyone who contests the fact that “Video Games” is a great song is someone who has questionable taste in my book. The song is a perfect way to introduce the greater world to Del Rey because it tells you everything she’s about right off the bat: Love, boys, and sixties style glamour with a tinge of darkness that’s just as seductive as Del Rey is clearly trying very hard to be in the above picture.

Del Rey doesn’t have much material out there to peruse at the moment but I’m sure that with her recent internet status of “it girl,” her major-label debut has been fast-tracked by Interscope. It’s totally likely that her forthcoming album will be mainstream and cloying, as her charm does wear thin on occasion. I’m hoping that she sticks to her old school glamour shtick, personally, and takes it in an Amy Winehouse direction that finds her completely devoted to her sixties style. I mean, she did change her name from Lizzy Grant for those purposes, so she better stick with it.


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