How Many Bands Does John McCaulley Need? Clearly, More Than He Has.

Earlier this year, when Daytrotter announced the lineup for its fifth bi-annual Barnstormer tour, I went nuts. Usually, I don’t go nuts. Sure, every time the site brings its caravan of indie rockers through my town, I end up leaving the barn with a steadfast new favorite band, but never before has Daytrotter snagged one of my existing faves for a ’stormer. That is, until it was announced that Deer Tick was going to be on the bill.

I didn’t get to see Deer Tick storm because, sadly, they didn’t come Michigan way. I mean, I ended up literally having the best day of my life at the barn so it didn’t end up mattering much. I still met boys and drank beer and got a strange heat rash from the unbearable heat and I found a new favorite band, so it all worked out. No matter if I ever get to see them, Deer Tick (and its frontman, John McCaulley) will always hold a special place in my heart. I think it has to do with that gravelly voice.

Middle Brother – Million Dollar Bill

Earlier this year, McCaulley joined fellow crush-worthy rockers from Dawes and Delta Spirit to form the minute supergroup Middle Brother. And now? Well, McCaulley’s formed another band, Diamond Rugs, and this time he’s got assistance from the likes of members of Black Lips, Los Lobos, Dead Confederate, and more. Dude loves supergroups apparently.

Three bands might sound like an awful lot but I personally am of the opinion that McCaulley can handle it. I personally wasn’t expecting the world from Middle Brother’s self-titled debut but it ended up being one of my favorite records of the year. Again, I think it has to do with that gravelly voice.


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