Free Bandcamp Pick Of The Week: Bronson

No one knows me like Hearingade’s fearless leader, Abby. Magic happened when we were brought together by a fateful tweet from Archie Powell & The Exports keyboardist Ryan and we’ve been multi-continental(-ish, kind of… Not really) best friends ever since. In fact, just the other day my irl bestie asked me who it is that I’m always texting. The answer? Abby! Even when she’s not visiting my homestate of Michigan, she’s with me in spirit via a constant barrage of texts from me about… Well, boys and music, mostly. And so it is, whenever Abby recommends a band to me, I tend to immediately fall in love. And that’s how it went last week with my Abby-assisted discovery of Bronson.

Who is Bronson? What is Bronson? Where did Bronson come from? I don’t know. All I know is that the band’s recently released Paper Tusk is amazing and you can grab Bronson’s Is More (Mixtape) for free.

Since Abby told me about Bronson, I’ve spent a lot of my time spinning Paper Tusk and I’ve grown quite fond of it which is nice because it’s been a while since I’ve been excited about new music. Lead track “Golden Palms” recalls all the things I like about Vampire Weekend without ever including all the many things I don’t like about Vampire Weekend. That being said, the rest of the album doesn’t remind me of Vampire Weekend at all. In fact, some tracks get super folk-y but no matter what genre you feel like classifying Bronson as, each track is richly textured with layers of deliberate sound. Later tracks on the disc have a seductive darkness alongside a shoe-gaze-y spaciness. It’s so appealing that my urge to listen to Paper Tusk all the way through was interrupted a number of times by my desire to go back and re-listen to jams like “My Idle Bed.”

Paper Tusk is filled with dreamy instrumentation and even dreamier vocals. On more stripped down tracks, like album stand-out “Promise,” Bronson occasionally reminds me of longtime Amber favorites Pearly Gate Music and Timber Timbre. If that’s not a seal of approval, I don’t know what is.

Basically, in Bronson I have found the perfect album to sit alone in my basement and write to and for me, that’s a glorious thing. While Paper Tusk isn’t free on bandcamp, it’s only going for $3 these days so how can you not pony up the cash? $3 well spent.


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