Honestly, I know that The Moth & the Mirror are gonna be big stars

Y’all know that feeling when you discover a new favorite band, right? The heady excitement that leads to stomach butterflies and dizzy giddiness — the moment when you want to lock yourself in a room with headphones on and listen to the tracks over and over and over until you’ve absorbed all the awesomeness contained within.

Queuing up Honestly, This World by The Moth & The Mirror was like that for me. Similar to the first time I hear a Rilo Kiley song, I knew simultaneously that I would love almost everything this Glasgow, Scotland band puts out, and that it wouldn’t be long before everyone else does do.

The music is a mix of slow-dreaminess and rocking beats (and do I hear some bells in there? I think I do … RAD) — Vocalist Stacey Sievwright tunes in to start out the album with “Everyone I Know” (as shown in the video above), delivering some pretty lyrics, with the boys chiming in every once in awhile to provide some stunning harmonies.

Then they flip it on “Fire” — with powerful male vocals hitting you first, and Stacey heading up the complementary bits. “Thoughts of you keep me warm” — indeed. A few more of my favorites — hard to pick, since honestly every tune on this album is strong: “Soft Insides,” the horn-filled melodic “Beautiful Creature,” “Germany,” and the heart-breaking stripped down “Oceans and Waves.”

It’s all just so damn pretty — just like the band (also as shown in the video above) — making me want to dance along and cry my eyes out at the same time. They’ve set it up so you can stream and download it, and I encourage you to be on the lookout for US tour dates. I’ve got a feeling you don’t want to miss this band live.


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