Let Chrome Sparks’ electro-goodies waft into your head

There are some people I trust completely for new music recommendations, and Gun Lake‘s leader Mark Fain is one of those people. He really has yet to steer me wrong. So when he posted a link to a new song on Facebook last month by Ann Arbor artist Chrome Sparks, I listened. I loved. I pulled up Chrome Sparks’ Bandcamp page and found his albums and they are awesome and I couldn’t have been happier!

The electronic music project by Jeremy Malvin often collaborates with vocalist Steph Thompson (Steffaloo). Two songs on his July release “My <3” feature Steffaloo’s singing, as does the aforementioned new song, “Still Sleeping.”

Though I’ve never really considered myself a big fan of chillwave, that seems to be exactly what this is. It’s a sound that snakes from your speakers to your ears like an invisible strand of smoke, then just sorta floats around in your head, dissipating its particles in your brain’s every crevice. I could get used to this.

If you love it, download it for free! And also, check out this wicked awesome band that Jeremy’s in called Stepdad because they released an album into the wild earlier this year and it’s pumped full of excellence as well.


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