Four Songs In: ICHML, “A City Submerged”

I Can Hear Myself Levitate —  Just the name alone makes one curious, intrigues your senses and sends you in multiple directions. Listening to their new EP, “A City Submerged,” I was brought in many ways, to associate bands such as Coheed and Cambria, for their tasty guitar tone; Taking Back Sunday, for their bopping bass and drum section; and fellow Midwesterners Renae.

The Midwest music scene has produced some great musical acts, some that have made it big with radio airtime and some that fly under the radar of  what you may hear outside of the general region. That all being said, I have to say, I had to listen and listen and listen again to really hear all that was going on in this album. From the opening song “Saints,” the first 45 seconds open up your perception of how these guys see music. Then you prepare for the basis of the rest of the 3 1/2 minutes remaining, pure musical greatness in the most simplest of forms. It rocks and screams out to you to captivate your ear holes: “We are all sinners and fake converts, drinking from the same water in the same boat. Who are you to cast the first stone?”

Moving into the second song and quite possibly my favorite, “Sunns” (Not just because I play through a Sunn 4×10): The opening lyrics tear at you, pulling the flesh from your eyes and hitting you with deeply simple lyrics — “If we don’t make it back, we don’t make it back” — screamed by backing vocals. “Empires” adds some built-in sampling, a rocket ship taking off, building into the ultimate crescendo with “Empires were made to fall, cities were made to burn, our love, our love won’t repeat history.”

Breaking away from the subtleties of the rest of the album, “Home” rocks you the fuck out. “We’re tired, yes we’re tired of singing along, give me back yesterday,”  leaving you with some grime in your mouth and wanting more of these talented youths. And I bet you will be doing just that. They have what it takes to reach a dedicated audience.

[bandcamp album=3604254286  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=42erts, 85BB size=venti]

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